Eye twitch cause

Eye twitch cause

One fine morning you wake up only to find involuntary spasms around your eyes that concern you with the question, why is my eye twitching? You are not the only one out there, this is a common medical condition experienced by lots of people who have the same question why does my eye twitch? Most of the eye twitches are superficial and is not a cause of worry. However, the annoying aliment can at time last longer and be a cause of great discomfort. If your eye twitches do not stop within minutes, then you need to pay attention to it.

If you are on the lookout for answers to your question 'why does my eye twitch', you have arrived at the right place. Technically named as Blepharospasm, twitch in eye originates from various causes. The first step in finding a solution for eyelid twitch or eye twitches is to find answers for your question why is my eye twitching. The involuntary muscle spasms is often a result of nervous disorder and at times eye twitches can also occur due to simple reasons such as smoke or bright light.

Some of most common causes for twitch in eye include stress and anxiety, over consumption of caffeine, continuously staring at computer screens or TV, overworking without required rest, and the like. Often eye twitches are painless and stops within minutes without any serious or harmful effects. However you should exhibit caution if your eye twitches are accompanied by pain or sharp rise in body temperature. There are instances where your eye twitching can disrupt your vision or make your eyes sensitive to light. If these eye twitches spread over your face or if lasts for more than a week, then it is advisable to consult your physician.

For example some say you are lucky today

If you had a bad experience with eye twitching then it is wise to adhere to steps that prevent it. The prevention methods vary for different causes. For instance, if you have found that your stressful life style had caused eye twitches then you can take precautionary measures to reduce stress. Yoga, massage or stress busters like vitamin B can bring down stress and thus prevent eye twitches caused due to stress. If you feel that excess of caffeine intake or smoking has caused it then you can avoid them and find satisfying alternatives that can do good for your health.

There are several myths that come around in various parts of the globe about eye twitching. People have different meanings according to the pattern of eye twitches. For example some say you are lucky today, while some others feel it as a symbol of evil that could be in wait for your family members. You should avoid any such thought and remember that it is a medical condition and often harmless. Apart from you learning about eye twitches and their treatments, you need to educate you family and friends regarding the condition. While eye twitches often subside by itself, in case of prolonged eye twitches be sure to check it with your ophthalmologist.