What is Careprost?

What is Careprost?

Сareprost is a tool for enhancing eyelash growth. The main substance that makes up the drops is bimatoprost, used in medicine for the treatment of eye diseases associated with increased pressure.

Interesting about Сareprost

Initially, Сareprost was used to treat ophthalmologic diseases, but doctors and patients noticed that in all those who completed the course, the eyelashes became healthier, longer and thicker. Therefore, the manufacturer began to produce it as a serum to strengthen and stimulate the growth of eyelashes.


A solution of bimatoprost in a plastic bottle with a dropper-dispenser of 3 ml is produced. The manufacturer promises the following effect.

  • A noticeable increase in the length of the eyelashes in the first week of use.
  • Activation of dormant hair follicles, which leads to the growth of new hairs.
  • Reduced prolapse.
  • The natural growth phase is increasing.
  • Strengthen weakened eyelashes.
  • Restoration of natural pigment.
  • Protection from the harmful effects of natural factors.
  • Healthy shine.

Principle of operation

The drug has the property to stimulate blood circulation. When applied along the growth line, it penetrates the hair follicles, improves blood flow to them, increases metabolism. Thus, the follicle begins to receive all the necessary nutrients for active growth. Dormant bulbs are activated and new hairs appear. This is achieved by increasing the volume and length of the eyelashes.

How will the results be visible soon?

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Visible result starting from 2-3 week, the maximum result is achieved by 8-12 week. Growth happens gradually, every day during the night.

How long does one bottle of Сareprost last?

  • One bottle is enough for 8-12 weeks of daily use.
  • Eyelashes are 50% thicker
  • Eyelashes lengthen by 30%;
  • The color of the eyelashes becomes 25% darker

Product Name: Careprost - a means to grow and strengthen eyelashes.

What happens if it stops using Careprost?

After the termination, the result remains 4-5 months and the resulting effect of the eyelashes returns and the skin will appear. But in order to leave the result, it is necessary to use the device in a week 2 times.