Ways to increase eyelashes

Ways to increase eyelashes

If your eyelashes were always of such length and thickness, and you wanted to improve them, this is one thing, but here they sat down longer and thicker, and now they started to fall out, thin, break, then you need to start with the causes of their changes. states.

Do not worry when the loss occurs within the normal range. 5-7 eyelashes that fell out during the day are considered to be an acceptable amount, but if you lose more eyelashes every day, then you must take measures. And the first thing you need to do is find out the reason.

Occurrence of loss of eyelashes, their thinning, increased fragility can, if you

  • had been eating improperly for a long time, experienced a lack of minerals, vitamins and other substances necessary for the body
  • took antibiotics, hormonal drugs or other therapeutic drugs
  • experiencing stress
  • suffer from diseases of internal organs
  • you have a seasonal lack of vitamin A
  • systematically expose your cilia to chemical attack: you paint with dyed paint, make biowave eyelashes, etc
  • eyelash subjected to mechanical stress, for example, scrolling them using forceps
  • suffer from inflammatory diseases of the eyelids
  • Eyelashes for health and good growth need nutrition, which you can provide them using different oils and oil mixtures, prepared by yourself, or special cosmetic products. Let's talk first about some popular methods of strengthening and enhancing the growth of eyelashes, which you can use:

Castor oil. Anyone who has ever looked for information on the Internet about how to strengthen eyelashes, met recommendations to put on the eyelashes of castor oil. This method is really quite effective, but it has its drawbacks. Oil can provoke swelling of the eyelids, get on the mucous membrane, leaving the film on the eyes, as well as cause irritation.

It should be applied to the eyelashes (by the way, it is also used if you need to grow eyebrows) with a brush. You can take a brush from the old mascara, wash it very well with soap or shampoo, and then use it to distribute the oil on the eyelashes. Every time you use the brush, you also need to wash it, do not forget about it.

Almond oil. Due to its composition, this oil perfectly nourishes hair follicles and gives cilia substances that are necessary for their growth and strength. This oil contains vitamin E (which is the main vitamin responsible for the beauty of eyelashes), as well as a large amount of essential amino acids, minerals, etc.

Vitamins A and Epurchased in capsules at the pharmacy separately or Aevit, which is a combination of these two vitamins, is also actively used and shows excellent results when the task is to grow long, strong, thick eyelashes. You can use vitamins separately, and you can add them to the base oil: castor, olive, coconut, peach, etc.