Puffy eyes causes

swelling of the eyes with floating eyes, discomfort in the eyes and difficulty opening or closing the eyes

If you are wondering what causes puffy eyes or how to get rid of puffy eyes, then you have come to the right place. Similar to dark circles, puffy eyes causes should be first determined to apply the correct puffy eyes remedies. Puffy eyes or swelling of the eyes indicate the presence of surplus fluid in and around the connective tissues of the eyes and eyelids. It can be a result of injuries, infections, or allergies pertaining to the eye area. Often the resultant reaction to any kind of inflammation to the eye area will result in swelling of the eyelid and surrounding areas.

Often times, people confuse puffy eyes to that of baggy eyes since both look alike in appearance; however, there is a whole lot of difference between them. Puffy eyes are caused by retention of fluids under the eyes and can be cured easily. Whereas fat accumulation under eyes causes baggy eyes and this happens slowly over a lengthy period of time. This condition cannot be treated by simple home remedial methods. The procedure for removal of baggy eyes is more complex when compared with puffy eyes. It requires surgical processes that ought to be done by either cosmetic surgeons or ophthalmologists.

On causes for puffy eyes include sleeplessness, too much intake of salt, accumulation of toxins, allergies, alcohol abuse, sinus, and at times due to low quality contact lenses. As with any other ailment, in case of puffy eyes too prevention is always better than cure. You can take good care of your eyes by drinking enough water and providing it adequate rest. Avail stress management techniques to relieve you of your stress under eyes. Avoid using low quality contact less or at least don't wear them more than the prescribed length of time. Stay away from alcohol if you wish to have beautiful eyes.

Often times, people confuse puffy eyes to that of baggy eyes since both look alike in appearance; however, there is a whole lot of difference between them.

Some of the symptoms that help you to identify puffy eyes include puffy eyelids, bulged area around the eyes, discomfort in eyes, and difficulty in opening or closing of eyes. Puffy under eye causes can be of varied nature. There are two types of puffy eyes namely temporary or chronic according to their nature. While temporary puffiness is said to less harmful and can be self treated, you would need the assistance of an ophthalmologist to treat the chronic type of puffy eyes. In case, self treatments didn't work or if the condition gets severe, you should stop your self-medication and consult your physician.

Usual home remedies for puffy eyes are much similar to that of dark circles. For instance, placing slices of cucumber over your eyes can provide you with the relief. Other treatments include wiping your eyes gently with cotton pads soaked in rose water; you can also use used tea bags after cooling them for a considerable time in your refrigerator; In case your puffy eyes were caused due to excessive alcohol intake then drinking plenty of water would give you the relief.