Pink eye

Pink eye

With the correct and timely treatment of acute conjunctivitis takes 4-5 days, chronic - 4-5 weeks.

Symptoms of pink eye

The diagnosis of conjunctivitis is established by an ophthalmologist after examining the patient. In order to determine the most likely cause, the doctor will ask the patient about the diseases and working conditions.

Sometimes an additional analysis of discharge from the eye to determine the pathogen. In some cases it may also be necessary to consult other specialists (urologist, gynecologist, allergist).

In the case of a mild form, the most serious problem is not the disease itself, but its easy distribution. Strict hygiene will reduce the risk of progression of infection to the other eye and infection of other people.

Home remedies:

  • Always use your own towel and pillowcase;
  • wash your hands regularly, especially if you touch your eyes;
  • if possible, do not go to public places, to school, to work;
  • Avoid public pools and do not wash with chlorinated water from the water supply; bleaching powder will aggravate your condition.

First aid for conjunctivitis:

  • Bury for the inner edge of the lower eyelid by 1-2 eye drops of a 20% solution of albucide or 0.3% solution of chloramphenicol every 3 hours.
  • For prophylaxis, you can drip medicine into a healthy eye, but it is advisable to do this with another pipette in order not to accidentally spread the infection.
  • Do not apply eye patch!
  • When photophobia wear sun glasses.

Types of conjunctivitis

Depending on the form of conjunctivitis, the doctor will prescribe treatment. Acute bacterial conjunctivitis is treated with frequent (at least 4 times a day) instillation of drops (albucid 30%, chloramphenicol 0.25%) and laying ointment (tetracycline 1%). Before instillation, it is advisable to wash the eyes with a disinfectant solution (chamomile, tea leaves).

In bacterial conjunctivitis, pus may be released from the eyes. In this case, the eyelids stick together and it is difficult to open the eyes. To soften the hardened adhesive, it is best to wash the eyes with a warm extract of chamomile. To do this, pour two teaspoons of chamomile 1/4 cup of boiling water. Cover and steep for 5 minutes, strain. In viral conjunctivitis, interferon instillation is prescribed, as well as antiviral ointments, for example, florenal, tebrofen, bonafton, oxolin, zovirax or virolex.

If allergic conjunctivitis is prescribed antiallergic drugs. Additionally, you can use cold compresses and artificial tear drops.

How long is pink eye contagious

With the correct and timely treatment of acute conjunctivitis takes 4-5 days, chronic - 4-5 weeks. Do not let the disease take its course, even with its mild form. Launched conjunctivitis, especially in infancy, can lead to severe complications and visual impairment.