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Eyelashes are the most important aesthetic component of the era, as they have been known to alter the beauty of an individual. When a person does not have eyelashes, the person may appear less aesthetically appealing to people around them. Of note, there are various factors and reasons that could determine the quality of an eyelash, whether it grows or not, or if it falling frequently.

Eyelash falling may be due to age or higher level of pollutants, or may be due to allergies, or adverse effects to medications or chemicals. It could also be due to the mascara or beauty cream that one may be using, but the exact reason to pinpoint the cause of eyelash fall is yet to be determined by the scientific community. Generic Latisse helps a person to grow his eyelash back without side effects in a matter of 4 weeks without much intervention.

There are many other options for the growth of eyelashes including the use of eyelash growth serum when applied may help you grow the eyelash back. Of note, the eyelash serum has not yet been recommended to be used by the scientific community. The exact mechanism of working is not known, and how it helps to grow the lost hair lash remains a mystery.

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Surgical Implantation of Eyelashes: There are also other techniques for eyelash growth like eyelash implantation, where a person would implant an artificial eyelash or a natural eyelash into the eyes and then make it look like a natural one.

The main advantage of this method of eyelash restoration is quite inconvenient as it may require a couple of sittings to complete the procedure, and the also to use certain drugs and synthetic product, and also keep a vigil on care for your eyelashes. There is also a wide array of choice of color for your eyelash, and the color of eyelashes can be altered from time to time. Buy careprost free shipping.

Eyelash Extensions:

Eyelash extensions are also used by many, and the extensions come in small hairs along with adhesives that should be glued to your existing eyelashes. This is quite cumbersome process, and could not be instantly used as a wear-on. Sometimes, the adhesives cause more irritation when exposed to the naked eye and this could be quite cumbersome.


There are many medicines that are used to grow back the lost eyelashes, and the most effective one is the generic Latisse. The generic Latisse is a prostaglandin that is derived from a fatty acid, a compound similar to the one that is present in our body. The drug helps to grow more stronger, thicker, darker, and lustier eyelashes.

The results could be seen in 4 weeks of time. It is of note that hair starts to grow wherever it is applied, so application of the drug is to be done with great care and caution. This drug has been scientifically proven and tested and is allowed by the FDA to sell the drug a cosmetic enhancer. Buy bimatoprost online uk .

Bimatoprost ophthalmic solution

What is Bimatoprost? Do you want to have longer, darker and stronger eyelashes? The eyes are the window to the soul, but they would surely be better to look at if they are framed by amazing eyelashes. Those who are determined to improve the look of their eyelashes should know about bimatoprost and the wonders it can do to eyelashes.

Bimatoprost belongs in the category of medications called prostamides. It was not actually created for the purpose of lengthening, darkening and strengthening eye lashes. The drug is originally used to control eye conditions such as ocular hypertension and glaucoma. The main function of the drug is to resemble the effects of prostaglandins created by the body.

Everyday, the eyes are affected by constant pressure due to the demands of daily life. If the pressure becomes too much, the eyes are put at great risk. Unfortunately, it may lead to gradual loss of vision. Excessive intraocular pressure results in excessive aqueous humor, which then results in optic nerve damage and loss of vision. What bimatoprost does is lower the pressure by increasing the flow of natural fluids out of the eye. The increase in natural fluids hinders the build up of aqueous humor.

Bimatoprost may be known as treatment for certain eye conditions, but it has become more popular as a cosmetic drug. Aside from treating glaucoma and other related disorders, the drug also works as treatment for hypotrichosis. Those who suffer from lack of eyelash growth also use it. A few years ago, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) allowed the drug to be used for cosmetic purposes.

Individuals who want their eyelashes long and dark should ask their doctor about bimatoprost, a solution to be instilled in the eye like an eye drop. This prescription drug is instilled with a dropper, which must be kept clean at all times to prevent contamination. Inspect the dropper and make sure it is not cracked or chipped. The solution is to be instilled in the eyes once a day during the evening. If you are using other eye medications, instill bimatoprost no less than five minutes before or after the other medication. If you are wearing contact lenses, take them off before administering the drug; put them back on after 15 minutes. No one else should also use your medication.

Bimatoprost side effects

Having longer and darker lashes has a price, though. Like any other drug, bimatoprost has its own set of side effects. Side effects can be as minor as eye tearing and burning, as well as discoloration of skin; it can also be as serious as pink eye and sensitivity to light. Call your doctor if any of these happens after you used the drug.